Psychological Testing

Psychological Testing

Psychological Testing by PhD Psychologists

Psychological Testing, IQ, ADHD, Autism

Locations for Testing:

Acadian Care, Katie Aucoin, Ph.D. New Orleans, Louisiana

Acadian Care, Katie Aucoin, Ph.D. Mandeville, Louisiana

Acadian Care, Katie Aucoin, Ph.D. Slidell, Louisiana

Introduction to Psychological Testing

Psychologists are trained and educated to perform psychological research, testing, and therapy. At Acadian Care, PhD administered and scored psychological testing is integrated into our team approach by psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, and therapists, to best assess and treat ailments such as: ADHD, ADD, Depression, Autism, and Anxiety.

Prior to becoming a PhD level psychologist, thousands of hours of education, training and testing are required. After a four-year college degree psychologist candidates go on to complete a two-year masters degree program. Competition is intense for openings into PhD programs which select only the best and the most qualified applicants. Once accepted the doctoral training program is a comprehensive curriculum lasting an additional 2 to 3 years. Prior to becoming licensed, a one-year internship or two-years of supervised practice is then required. All of this training and expertise serve a psychologist quite well when understanding and untwining the intricacies of the human mind.

Psychological assessments are one of the many tools used by a psychologist to help better understand your child’s intellectual, emotional, and behavioral capabilities. An assessment can assist with the development of a deeper understanding of a child’s intellectual potential and reasons why that potential is not being realized. Psychologists can also monitor educational progress to better assess the effectiveness of educational interventions. Many times when a child is struggling, annual testing may be indicated.

Educational testing is a valuable and a very worthwhile investment.  A child suffering in school and being frustrated on a daily basis is just not worth it. When one considers only the average first year cost of college at around fifteen thousand dollars and the cost of a year of tutoring at around eight hundred dollars, identifying your child’s educational strengths and weaknesses at a younger age makes sense. Helping your child educationally to determine their strengths and weaknesses can help contribute significantly to a  successful and happy scholastic career and college entrance.

A Child Psychologist will work closely with Child Psychiatrists and other physicians and therapists to better understand complex clinical presentations, helping to develop more meaningful treatment plans.

Benefits and Value of Psychological Testing

  • Providing for a better clinical and diagnostic understanding of children and adolescents
  • Uncovering sub-clinical symptoms not always readily apparent to clinicians
  • Identifying strengths and weaknesses of children to help focus learning strategies
  • Psychological testing helps children, parents, and teachers better prepare a child for a lifetime of learning success
  • Helping provide for practical strategies to promote a child in the classroom
  • Providing reports to schools for integration into IEP meetings

Types of Psychological Testing and Reports Available

  • Developmental Screening: (up to 36 months)
  • Developmental Screening: (beyond 36 months)
  • IQ (cognitive) Testing
  • Gifted Screening
  • Gifted Testing
  • Placement testing (PreK)
  • Learning Disorder (LD) Screening
  • Learning Disorder (LD) Psychological Testing
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD or ADD) Screening
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD or ADD) Assessment
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder Screening
  • Psychological Testing for Autism Spectrum Disorder. See the link to our website: Psychological Testing for Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Personality Assessment (ages 9-19 years)
  • Other Specific Behavior/Mood Disorder Assessment (eg, anxiety, depression, conduct)
  • Comprehensive Psychological Assessment
  • Comprehensive Psycho-Educational Assessment


Educational testing services are billed at a very fair and competitive rate.  Many reports can be completed in the three to nine hundred dollar range and can provide value many times that amount which can last a lifetime.

Psychological testing is an investment that can provide invaluable information about how your child interprets and functions in the world. Health insurance typically covers personality and cognitive testing, but not for learning difficulties. We will assist with determining insurance benefits and filing with insurance if possible.

Thank you so much for your interest in psychological testing at Acadian Care. To schedule an initial consultation for testing or for any additional questions, please call 985.781.7353. We are currently offering Psychological Testing in Mandeville, Slidell, and New Orleans. We look forward to hearing from you!

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