Dr Michael J. Henke pictured.

Dr Michael J. Henke is happy to locate to the North Shore to help his local community with mental health needs. Dr. Henke is a Child and Adoleschent psychiatrist who specializes in treating: ADHD (ADD), depression, anxiety and OCD. Born and raised in Louisiana, Dr Henke has lived and trained in the New Orleans area, attending LSU Medical School and continuing at LSU for his Child and Adolescent and Adult Psychiatry training.

 A Provider On Many Health Insurances

Dr Henke is currently accepting: Aetna, Blue Cross, United, Magellan, Gilsbar, Louisiana Healthcare Connections, Amerihealth, and many other health care insurance plans.

Areas Served:

Our Mandeville clinic is located at the foot of the Causeway near Mandeville High School. The clinic is about 15 minutes from Covington and Madisonville, and about 30 minutes from Metairie, and Folsom.

How Do Psychiatric Disorders Like ADHD, Depression, And Anxiety Present?

When treating psychiatric disorders, psychiatric providers understand that many times it’s not an “either-or” scenario. For example, if a patient has ADHD or ADD, the provider needs to keep their differential diagnosis open to include other possible ancillary conditions. ODD, Depression, Anxiety, and even Bipolar can occur concurrently with ADHD. In addition, social skills, personal safety, personal hygiene, and learning are commonly affected. Treating the whole patient is important to all of our psychiatric providers. Psychologists (with psychological testing), therapists, and counselors, all work together to help overcome the obstacles that families and children are facing.

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