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FDA Approved Biomarker Test for ADHD. Test currently offered in New Orleans, Mandeville, Hammond, and Slidell Locations.


ADHD test, New Orleans, Mandeville, Slidell, Hammond





Acadian Care is Now Offering the Only FDA approved ADHD (ADD) Test at our Mandeville, Slidell, and New Orleans, and Hammond Locations.


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With offices in Slidell, Mandeville, Covington, Hammond, and New Orleans Acadian Care proudly serves the surrounding communities. Acadian treats ADHD, Autism, Bipolar Disorder as well as many other psychiatric diagnosis. The clinicians at Acadian are “…very excited to offer and utilize NEBA testing as a diagnostic option with our patients.” Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Nurse Practitioners, and therapists at Acadian Care have been diagnosing and treating ADHD/ADD for years. Now, with the addition of an ADHD/ADD test, this amazing discovery will improve our clinician’s diagnostic accuracy.

The NEBA instrument uses validated biomarkers to provide objective data. Instead of relying exclusively on subjective information in the form of rating scales, teacher observation and office based testing we now have another tool to use when considering a diagnosis of ADHD to improve our accuracy.

As always, psychological testing will continue to be utilized to augment testing. NEBA’s ADHD testing will not benefit all patients as some patients aren’t good candidates for testing and some patients may require additional testing to confirm or rule out other psychiatric conditions. Psychological testing is exceptionally beneficial when NEBA helps to rule out ADHD or when NEBA tells us that there may be another condition contributing to ADHD that needs to be treated.

More about the test for ADHD/ADD

NEBA is a 15 to 20 minute test that integrates an EEG biomarker for ADHD into the clinical setting. Using NEBA, clinicians can significantly reduce the number of patients receiving ADHD treatment and management as the initial focus when another condition would potentially be the primary diagnosis.  In the FDA validation study, NEBA reduced the potential for over-diagnosis from 34% to 3%.  NEBA also provides confirmatory support for ADHD with an accuracy of 92%.   Clinicians conduct their evaluation as in their regular practice using their usual assessment tools.  NEBA uses EEG to separate ADHD patients into biomarker-based groups with clinical differences that allow validated recommendations to be offered to the clinicians. You do not need to be a current patient to benefit from this test. Following completion of the test, the provider will meet with you to discuss the results and at this point you may return to your primary care provider if you choose and we will send a copy of the report to your primary provider. ADDitude magazine recently interviewed a NEBA representative regarding, click here to read more about the ADHD test in ADDitude Magazine.

Dr. Steve Snyder, Vice President of Research and Development said “NEBA can help the clinician confirm ADHD as a primary diagnosis, or help the clinician to determine whether ADHD-like symptoms may be better explained by another primary condition.”  A clinician using NEBA is more likely to establish diagnostic evaluation results comparable to an entire multidisciplinary team of mental health providers.  See the videos below for more information:

  1. how NEBA works
  2. how NEBA helps – Gina
  3. how NEBA helps – Margret
  4. how NEBA helps – Scott


About NEBA Health

NEBA® Health develops diagnostic tools to help clinicians improve the lives of children and families.  We developed the first FDA approved Neuropsychiatric Interpretative Electroencephalograph Assessment Aid (NIEA) — named NEBA®.  NEBA is an ISO 13485 registered medical device developer.  We are cleared for marketing in the USA as (K112711), CE marked, and Health Canada licensed.

Scheduling is Easy:

Psychiatrists, and nurse practitioners at Acadian Care are certified to prescribe the NEBA test. We are also particularly pleased that such a useful test is being offered at such a reasonable cost. Please visit our contact page if you would to schedule an appointment to discuss a NEBA ADHD test. Evaluations for NEBA testing can be done during an office visit and the test scheduled that day as well if needed. For same day ADHD/ADD testing and an appointment, please contact our office and specifically request this type of dual visit.


We very much hope this information has been of some use; please remember it is for information only. Also, please remember that nothing in this article is meant to be given as any type of medical or psychiatric advice as it is for informational purposes only.  Nor is this article intended to substitute in any way for professional medical or child psychiatrist advice, diagnosis, decision making, or treatment.  Always seek the advice of your physician, psychiatrist, child psychiatrist, psychologist, or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding any medical or psychiatric condition. We strongly advise that you never disregard professional medical or psychiatric advice or delay in seeking advice because of anything you have read on the Acadian Care website. Thank you.  Acadian Care, LLC is a private mental health clinic located in Slidell, Mandeville, New Orleans, and Hammond Louisiana.)