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Psychological Testing and Educational Testing Services now in Slidell, New Orleans and Mandeville

Psychological Testing is Performed by Dr. Katie Aucoin

Dr Katie Aucoin, Ph.D.

Thank you for trusting Acadian Care with your child’s behavioral health care needs. As a reflection of your support, Acadian Care is continuing to grow and build on our already very strong team of clinicians and clinical services.

In October, 2012, Acadian Care began to offer Psychological and Educational testing services. Since Acadian Care first opened these services have been referred out to excellent psychologists in the community. Now, we are excited to announce that we can add to our referral base psychological testing services as part of our in-house clinical team. Psychological, Educational, and Learning assessments are very helpful when understanding a child’s intellectual, emotional, and behavioral capabilities. Psychological testing can test for ADHD, Learning difficulties, Autism, Depression, and Personality difficulties.

We are proud to announce and honored to welcome Katie Aucoin, Ph.D. to Acadian Care. Dr Aucoin is a very special clinician and person. Dr Aucoin as a psychologist is very capable, intelligent, and effective. Upon meeting Dr Aucoin you will find her to be caring, determined and professional. Dr Aucoin will be able to provide in-house psychological testing, and educational testing. Dr Aucoin has many years of experience working with public and private school to help determine student placement and recognize the unique aspects of children to help unlock their learning potential. Dr Auocin is able to effectively liaison with schools and demonstrate to them what a child’s individual strengths and weaknesses are scholastically. Dr Aucoin will be providing testing services at both the Slidell and Mandeville/Covington locations.

Dr Aucoin is a member of the Acadian Care team and as such will work closely with therapists, nurse practitioners, and child psychiatrists to help provide more wrap around comprehensive services.

Again, a big Louisiana thank you to all of our patients for your continued support! We look forward to continuing to serve the North Shore and New Orleans community for many years to come!

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