Our Values

Our Values


We understand the struggle you are facing and the perseverance and courage that you have. Our clients will always be treated with kindness and compassion. You will find that our clinic will be kept clean and orderly. We will always show a high level of regard for the feelings, wishes, and rights of our clients.


Children and parents do not ask for the problems that are affecting them. We believe in honestly identifying areas of concern and addressing them, sympathetically and positively.


Trusting that good, caring, smart, and hardworking people are the best medium for care, our goal is simple, we want to help you get better.


Modern medicine is evolving rapidly and Acadian Care is evolving along with it. Training is encouraged and embraced by all staff with time and money set aside for each staff member for continuing education. Falling behind is not an option.


From our electronic sign-in to our top ranked and nationally recognized electronic medical records system, your health care dollars go further, and we deliver care in a more thorough and timely fashion.


Acadian Care invests in the future. We take pride in our clinic and we are constantly looking for ways to improve ourselves and our facilities to provide you with the best service.


Personal values and professionalism are important to us. No clinician has ever received any type of disciplinary action. We accept no money from drug companies.


We find ourselves in the constant pursuit of perfection. We are a dynamic staff and we will turn on a dime if there is a better way to help our patients.  Our staff convenes for scheduled meetings and we are in near constant communication to discuss and discover better ways to deliver care for your child.

Sacrifice and Dedication

When Hurricane Katrina hit, Dr Kutner and his family lost their home and had to evacuate to Ft. Worth, Texas. Ten days later, Dr Kutner and his staff returned to re-open the clinic and serve the community.  With devastation all around the clinic we felt so fortunate to find it in good repair. Despite being inundated with patients, we kept our rates the same and continued to accept insurance. For the next seven months, until his family could move back to Louisiana, Dr Kutner flew weekly (and sometimes drove) between Ft. Worth, Texas and Slidell, LA to take care of his patients. All staff at Acadian Care understand that our personal lives will need to come second when the occasion arises; our focus is on you.


Dr Kutner has been a physician in the New Orleans area for 18 years.  Acadian Care is a private clinic started by Dr Kutner in 2003.  Trust is essential when approaching the many mental health obstacles affecting children. The Staff at Acadian Care understand that obstacles such as Attention Deficit Hyperactiviy Disorder (ADHD, ADD), Depression, and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) can be very difficult to live with and many times complex to treat.  Dr Kutner as a child psychiatrist believes that the best treatment begins with trust and cannot be maintained without it; for trust is the essence of the therapeutic relationship. The staff at Acadian Care appreciate greatly the trusting relationship our patients have shared with us over the years and we promise to do our best to never let you down.