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Acadian Care Website a Success!

Acadian Care Website Exceeds 1000 Unique Visitors and 5000 Page Views

We at Acadian Care child and adolescent psychiatry clinic are very excited about the positive response our website has received.  Having launched mid-summer the site has garnered 1000 absolutely unique visitors and over 5000 page views in only 4 months! 
We would like to extend a very special and heartfelt thank you to all of our patients for continuing to inspire us forward. Also, we would like to again thank the professional dedication and hard work of the Acadian Care staff and KC Web Concepts for creating and maintaining the website.  Kudos! 
From a clinical perspective the website has provided our patients both convenience and a useful source of information.  We have several articles already published on the website including articles discussing ADHD (add), OCD, and Bipolar Disorder. Prior to launching the website we needed to mail initial paperwork to all patients or they would have to drive to the clinic to pick it up. Now patients instead have an option to download the information and mail it in or fax it back to us much quicker.  This has significantly decreased the time it takes to schedule an initial consultation.  The website is accessible from mobile phones and can provide easy directions to the clinic. Thankfully, the website helps us focus on our mission which is to help address the obstacles commonly affecting emotions and behaviors in children and teens in the most professional, understanding and caring way possible.
(p.s. The Acadian Care clinic in Mandeville is coming along nicely. We passed our framing inspecition, elecrical is mostly finished, and sheetrock is going up this week!  We are still aiming for an October opening and we look forward to seeing you there!)
(We very much hope that you have enjoyed the above article; please remember it is for information only. Also please remember that nothing in this article is meant to be given as any type of medical or psychiatric advice as it is for informational purposes only.  Nor is this article intended to substitute in any way for professional medical or child psychiatrist advice, diagnosis, decision making, or treatment.  Always seek the advice of your physician, psychiatrist, child psychiatrist,or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding any medical or psychiatric condition. We strongly advise that you never disregard professional medical or psychiatric advice or delay in seeking advise because of anything you have read on the Acadian Care website. Thank you.  Acadian Care LLC is a private mental health clinic located in Slidell and Mandeville Louisiana.)