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Acadian Care New Satellite Clinic Coming to Serve Mandeville, Covington, Madisonville

Acadian Care's New Clinic in Mandeville, Louisiana

Breaking News!

For years we’ve heard you requests to bring our child psychiatric services to the Mandeville, Covington & Madisonville area and though we’re very sorry it’s taken so long, we’re finally on the cusp of making this a reality!  We hope you find the best therapy and psychiatric consulting services for children and teens available in the metro New Orleans area a little closer to home.

This clinic is important as behavioral and emotional concerns affect an entire community on many levels.  Not only is a family’s ability to enjoy life to it’s fullest affected, but a community can suffer as well both socially and economically.  If you will allow the following example: ask any teacher how a child with an emotional or behavioral concern can affect an entire classroom’s ability to learn.  This can send ripples throughout a community.  Parents have to leave work to pick up their child from school because of anxiety, depression or behavior and hence can’t meet their employment expectations.  “All night” at home is spent doing homework instead of for instance: enjoying a night out at a restaurant, or going shopping, or signing up for an afterschool activity.  Local shop owners wonder where their clients are.  The North Shore wants to keep our schools the best they can be but when children are sad or can’t focus this invariably affects their grades which trickles up to school performance scores.  So you can see how helping even one person, can also help a wide range of others.  A child doing well in school makes the whole class happy, everyone learns better, a family is happier when the child comes home with their homework done, a shopowner gets a few more customers that night, school test scores go up with property valuses and our community gets more taxes to pay for services!

Acadian Care realizes that it’s a combination of family values, faith, and caring that make the difference between a community that succeeds and one that doesn’t and we are proud to be a part of the Northshore Community with our second location giving us another site to deliver care.

We would like to thank our patient’s and their families.  We are so fortunate to have the majority of our patient population doing so remarkably well; keep bringing in those amazing report cards!  This allows us as a clinic to focus on the smaller percentage of new patients whom are needing help for the first time.

The clinical staff at Acadian Care would also like to thank the support staff at Acadian Care (Debbie, Denise, Tristin, Shinise, Bayli, and Victoria – please see the community page for photos and job descriptions).  The clinical staff at Acadian Care could not do half of what we do without our support staff, they are amazing!  It’s especially inpisring that they work very long hours to help out our patients; their sense of responsibilty to the community is exceptionally dedicated.

We’ve been in contact with a local medical school training program and we were delighted to hear that we will continue to have child psychiatric fellows rotating through the new clinic as well as in Slidell.

As Acadian Care continues to grow, we have our work cut out for us. A Harvard University study revealed that there is a 58 percent chance that by the age of 29 a person will be affected by a clinically treatable emotional or behavioral concern.  This number includes those that commonly affect chilren such as Impulse Control Disorders (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD), Anxiety Disorders (OCD, Social Phobias) and Mood disorders (Major Depression aka Clinical Depression). As there are well over 200,000 people living in St Tammany Parish alone, we’re so glad to be a part of the solution.

We would officially like to thank our current landlord in Slidell who is kind enough to act as our contractor for the renovation.  Custom Craft Homes has been excellent and very responsive to our needs (for more info please call 985-960-1857 and ask for Wes).  Also a special thank you to David Dominquez with the Stevens Realty Group (985-630-2950) whom represented the property and handled the transaction in a very professional and courteous manner. David has also been very responsive and exceptionally professional.

We’ve been fortunate enough already to meet some of our neighbors in the office complex and they are super nice despite the racket we’ve been making with the building process.

Interior design work is well underway and we are excited about how the space is coming together aethetically. So far things are still on schedule for an October green light.

Once again, thank you to everyone whom has come together to make this clinic a reality and for making a difference in the community that we can truly see and feel.